How are you feeling as we come to the end 2020? Are you excited, quietly optimistic or are you dreading what 2021 might bring?

Having said goodbye to the 2020 calendar year I am certainly experiencing many shifting emotions and thoughts. The past year has been filled with so much individual and community pain, but also opportunities and renewal, and as I move forward I am filled with gratitude for everything that has occurred in my life over the past 12 months.

Some of these things have been: 

  • gaining full time care of my son and getting him away from his abusive father
  • re-considering how The Wilga Tree will move forward in 2021
  • finishing and publishing the 2021 My Moon Journal, with sales exceeding 2020 and spreading internationally
  • resolving a number of long standing health issues thanks to the support of Naturopath, Ingrid Masi
  • finding an awesome Trigger Point Therapist who has helped with my chronic hip and back pain
  • finding a fantastic Psychologist with whom I am digging deeper into my childhood schemas (patterning or stories)
  • spending quality time talking family life history with my mother
  • surviving schooling from home
  • watching my son mature from a primary school child into a soon to be high school teenager
  • reconnecting with long time friends via zoom
  • still having a job that brings regular weekly income
  • being able to openly and authentically grieve the loss of three aunts through rituals and ceremony at home, despite being unable to attend their funerals

What are you grateful for this year?

There have also been many global challenges this year bringing collective woundings and trauma’s to light, including: 

  • our failed history in facing and honouring the consequences for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, of colonisation and white privilege
  • the ongoing damage to many intimate relationships from behviour by the wounded and unhealed men in our lives, especially for women and children, and the need for healing the collective and individual male psyche
  • the rape and abuse of Mother Earth
  • the toxic self serving culture of our governments and big business and the deepening collective wounding, fear and distrust of these institutions
  • the growing inequity in access to health, education and welfare for all of us when we are in need, but especially for those on the fringes of society and who through circumstance so often beyond their control, are most at risk

Worldwide it is a grim picture and is as much a reflection of our own inner circumstances as it is a picture of our external environment. If we choose to live inside these spaces that the Light has brought to the surface, it can be easy to give way to fear and hopelessness. However, there is opportunity in woundings being revealed, as they are now able to be cleansed, cared for and nurtured towards healing. Until our pain is seen we are unable to seek repair.

That is why we have also been shown so many opportunities to not only glimpse, but embrace a different way of living, a healthier way of being with each other and with Mother Earth. 2020 has shown us:

  • the true value we place on human connection and physical contact
  • our ability to adapt and change, with speed and care for bringing others with us
  • the worth of slowing our living pace down and connecting with place and community
  • our ability to grow our own food and sustain our lives through our own labour
  • the true gift of technology for connection when used through conscious and deliberate action
  • that Mother Earth is robust and resilient, and can and will respond with speed and joy when offered the chance.

So rather than seeing 2020 as a write off or a year to be forgotten, I will choose to celebrate the many and varied challenges and opportunities this year has given and the gift of the lessons that we have and still can learn as we travel forward into whatever 2021 brings us.

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