L3T6 What to write

What to write about

This comes back to your why, your reason for journaling. Journaling to record memories, experiences, or daily activities should come reasonably easy; pick a point in the day and start writing.

Writing to process feelings and to explore topics or themes can be a  lot harder.

It can often feel like there is no logical place to start, and putting pen to paper can feel like a massive leap of faith.

In these cases, the best place to start is wherever your heart or mind is situated at the time. If your mind is blank, you might write, ‘my mind is empty and I don’t know what to write or where to start’. Or you might start with, ‘right now I am feeling….’. The best place is always right where you are, in that moment in time.

As soon as you begin to judge your thoughts and feelings, you will feel afraid to write. Leave judgement and fear aside and allow flow to step in.

Another good way to start can be through a prompt question; The My Moon journal provides a journaling prompt with each new phase of the moon. A quick google search will also bring up many more prompt questions to help you along.