L3T5 Trust

Trust what you have to write.

Writing can be challenging.

When you see that blank page staring back at you, it can be hard to know where to start.

When this arises, it is often accompanied by a little voice inside saying things such as:

‘I don’t have anything (important) to say’

‘I might do it wrong.’

‘I am afraid of what might come up and how I will feel.’

‘It is wrong to say what I want to be say.’

‘I couldn’t/shouldn’t write that’

‘Its wrong to feel this way

Many things are written in journals worldwide that the writers would never say to anyone else.

Either because they are too hurtful for other people to hear, or because the words are too painful and vulnerable for the writer to say or express in any other way.

Your journal is a private place where you are free to write and express yourself in whatever way you want, in whatever way you please.

If there is something particularly troubling that you have written or are afraid to write, remember that you can always tear it out of your journal and burn it or rip it up later.

While it is helpful to read back over your journaling, healing comes primarily from the writing – externalising what is held closely inside.

The act of writing is, in itself, a therapeutic process.

Re-reading and reviewing adds to this process by illuminating patterns and themes to work more deeply on, however, there can also be a beautiful releasing and letting go that occurs when we destroy the words we have written.

Trust the process and yourself to embrace the challenge