L3T8 Moon journaling

Benefits of journaling with the moon

The moon helps us to reconnect with our natural cycles and flow by helping us to think outside of our man-made structured weeks and months.

Teaching us to soften and open to a greater rhythm of life beyond our insular day to day experiences

The changing faces of the moon remind us of our ever-changing nature and journey, as well as the cycle of life bringing opportunities for our healing and growth around and around again.

We are reminded that life it not linear but a spiral returning us again and again to where we started, only from a new perspective.

The different energies available to us at the different phases of the moon, also provide the opportunity to channel our thoughts, actions and intentions at peak times for success.

It reminds us of the time to set intentions, to take action to harvest and be grateful and to let go.

Journaling with the moon, moves us into our soulfulness, softening that which has become rigid, deepening that which has become shallow, strengthening that which has been allowed to wither.

Journaling with the moon connects us back to our truth, to nature and to the skies.