Who am I?

My name is Louise Croker and I am healer, teacher and writer. I live near Wollongong on the NSW South Coast, a beautiful place that has always been home to me no matter where I have lived or traveled. I have a young son and a dog called Spot, both of whom are the delights of my heart.

I journal, meditate and practice Reiki each day. I love animals and the bush and walk and camp whenever I can. The arts are also important in my life and I treasure the gift of creativity.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Welfare Studies and 30 years experience working in the community services sector. I am a trained Lifeline counselor, with further counseling study through my degree. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher of 16 years and a trained Small Animal Bowen therapist.

How Journaling, Meditation and Reiki have helped me...

I was gifted my first journal at 15 years of age and quickly discovered the therapeutic value of pouring out my teenage angst onto a blank piece of paper. Decades later and I have journeyed through many, many more journals filled with memories of the joys, the lows, the in betweens and the thoughts and feelings I couldn't bear to share with anyone else.

In my early twenties I was blessed with a wise and knowledgeable teacher who taught me meditation and eventually, nearly a decade later, Reiki. These two practices transformed my life and took me deeply into my spiritual learning, a journey I am still traveling decades later.

These three gifts have provided me with the foundation tools I have needed to heal my pains, griefs and woundings, learn more about myself and my self care needs, and grow into who I am today. It a joy to me that I am able to share them with others in the work I do.

How can I help you?

By using the skills I have accumulated throughout my lifetime I can help and support you in your healing and growth journey. I can help you to heal your pains, transform your experience of life and connect you with your highest and best self.

I do this through meditation, counseling and Reiki, and my understanding of energy and spirituality. This work is guided by your own inner knowledge of what is needed for your healing, and can be a deeply powerful and transformational experience.

Why should you trust me?

My Reiki experience is backed up by years of training, self healing and self examination, I come to my practice humbly with heart and mind open and aware to my own areas in need of growth and healing. Through my own inner heart work, my training, and decades of experience as a healer and community worker I have the skills needed to support your healing and growth.

I am an accredited Reiki Master/Teacher and Treatment Practitioner with the national body, Reiki Australia, and am bound by their Code of Ethics and ongoing training. My studio is also registered as a certified clinic with this national body.