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My Moon Journal


A new way to connect your

journaling with the rhythms

and cycles of the moon.


Your Guide To The Lunar Year

The My Moon Journal provides a step by step journaling guide through the various stages of the lunar year.

Closing the old year

A template for processing out the old year; the hurts, the victories, the challenges and joys, bringing closure to the year just past.

Bringing in the new

This template will guide you through all areas of your life and help you to explore your hopes and desires for the year ahead and set intentions for the new year

Moon Phases

Dates for each of the four main moon phases within each lunar cycle, with both the northern and southern hemispheres provided for.

Celestial and earthly changes

Dates for Mercury in Retrogrades, Lunar Eclipses, Equinox and Solstice times.


Plenty of writing pages for your journaling, along with journaling prompts to get you started.

How to guide

Sections on the benefits of journaling and how to begin a journaling practice will help guide you into a new or renewed journaling practice.

My Moon Journal is designed to:

  • harness the lunar energy tides for your greatest well-being
  • align you with the best times for manifesting your greatest dreams
  • utilise the natural rhythms of your soul to empower your inner wisdom and healing


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Did you know that regular journaling can…

  • Help you feel centred, calm, and in control.
  • Provide clarity about your own needs, desires, and emotions.
  • Reduce stress and mental overwhelm.
  • Reveal life patterns and behaviours.
  • Help to realise the highest version of yourself and manifest the life you want.



Additional Features

Online Course

A free online companion course that supports you to work through each section within the journal.

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Access to a Facebook community of fellow moon journalers.


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What people say...

Ree M, NSW Australia, 2021

I love the new large book size, with prompts for journaling and reading on health, abundance, relationships etc, and really so much information. And not forgetting being totally in touch with the moon phases

Robyn L, Qld, Australia, 2020

I've really enjoyed using the My Moon Journal this year. I like being more in tune with what is occurring as the moon moves through its cycles and more consciously working with the manifestation and release phases. 

Alison B, NSW Australia, 2020

This year's journal has kept me sane.

Nina P, NSW Australia, 2021

I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful adventure. So soulfully beautiful.

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