My Moon Journal





Do you spend your days rushing from one TASK to the next?

Do you STRUGGLE with meditation and switching off your thoughts?

Do you feel out of touch with your physical and emotional NEEDS?

Do you LONG FOR deeper connection?

Yes? then you're in the right place.

The My Moon Journal was created for you to...

Provide a MOMENT of calm in your day.

Get you out of your head and into your HEART.

Help you to processes your thoughts and FEELINGS.

Reconnect with and develop your FEMININE energy and flow.

Create AWARENESS and reconnect with the natural world.

What you get in the My Moon Journal...

Pages for each of the four main phases of the moon, for the entire lunar year.
Journaling prompts to help you dive deeper into your healing journey.
The energies present with each moon phase, to maximise manifesting your dreams.
Access to an online community of fellow moon journalers.


Mercury in retrogrades, one of the most powerful astrological periods for healing.
Equinox and solstice celebration times occurring throughout the year.
Plenty of space for free journaling under each phase of the moon
Lunar eclipse date and where best to see them.
End of year closing and new year intention setting pages.



The answer to living a wholehearted life

is not to continue to do the same thing you’ve always done and expect a different outcome.

But to do something different, no matter how small, to walk a different path.




Did you know that regular journalling can…

Help you feel centred, calm, and in control.

Provide clarity about your own needs, desires, and emotions.

Reduce stress and mental overwhelm.

Reveal life patterns and behaviours.

Help to realise the highest version of yourself and manifest the life you want.

What people say...

I’ve really enjoyed using the My Moon Journal this year. I like being more in tune with what is occurring as the moon moves through its cycles, and more consciously working with the manifestation and release phases.

Robyn L, Queensland, Australia

This year’s journal [2020] has kept me sane.

Alison B, New South Wales, Australia

I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful adventure. So soulfully beautiful.

Nina P, New South Wales, Australia, 2021


I love the new large book size, with prompts for journaling and reading on health, abundance, relationships etc, and really so much information. And not forgetting being totally in touch with the moon phases.

Ree M, New South Wales, Australia, 2021

It's time to give yourself the gift of time; to play, to be you, to process life, to connect with yourself, to nurture, to shine.


‘The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I am in, I am still whole.’


‘And the moon said to me - my dear daughter, you do not have to be whole in order to shine.’


The My Moon Journal is for you if;

You like to journal and write and are looking for something new.

You have never journaled before.

You want to get out of the mindset of busyness and find calm and centredness.

You feel a connection to the cycles and rhythms of nature.

You want to learn more about journaling and its benefits.

Why I created the My Moon Journal;

I live in my diary, I have three – work, business, personal – they are linked together in my phone and I would be completely lost without them. Most days my life feels like a series of tasks I have to leapfrog through in order to get to the end of the day. I get up at the same time each day and generally go to bed at the same time as well regardless of the season or the weather.
This was my life before breast cancer and for the most part since breast cancer, however, there has been a big shift in my perspective between those two points in time.
Just before Christmas 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 2, estrogen positive breast cancer and during the six months of my treatment, I was forced to slow. right. down. But, rather than getting restless with this slow pace, I met this time for what it was, a time to rest and to be at peace with a slower form of living. I lost track of the days and weeks and it didn’t matter. It felt soooooo good! I was dropping into my soulful feminine energy and embracing the sense of flow and openness I was experiencing.
But… after returning to work I became aware that I was losing this sense of flow and ease that I had been immersed in during my treatment.
So, at the end of 2018 I created the My Moon Journal, the journal helped me to remember that sense of flow, dropping me out of the daily structures and the routines and reconnecting me back to myself.
By journaling each morning, I remind myself that my diary doesn’t control me, I control it and that I can remain deeply connected to myself and my truth throughout the day. The awareness of the moon’s cycles and phases reminds me of my connection to the movements and seasons of mother earth, and in what ways I can work with the energies at that time to manifest my intentions for my greatest healing and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What difference will journaling with the moon make?
Our entire lives revolve around a 24hr day, 7-day week and 12-month year, structured and organized and laid over whatever cycles are happening with our natural environment. 7am will be 7am regardless of whether it is light or dark outside. The beginning of December will be the start of Summer/Winter (depending on where you are in the world) regardless of what the weather is doing and how nature is responding. This structure keeps us disconnected not only from our natural environment but also from our own natural rhythms and cycles.
The My Moon Journal is a tool for helping to reconnect with some of these natural rhythms by breaking us out of these structures and bringing a greater awareness to the moon’s changing faces.
Do I need to be a hippy to use the My Moon Journal?
Not at all, you don’t need to be a particularly spiritual or hippy person to be aware of nature. However, the journal does allow those with these beliefs to incorporate them into their journaling.
But I don’t know how to journal.
Along with the journal you will have access to a short online course that will not only give you access to some online templates but also information about how to journal.