Through Meditation Coaching I can help you to learn, develop and commit to a regular meditation practice.

Committing to regular meditation can be difficult, especially on your own. Life can so easily get in the way, and the needs of others can overtake your own. Let me help you to find ways to carve time in your day or week to dedicate to your own meditation practice.

By allowing me to coach you in a daily or weekly practice. I will help you to:

  • learn meditation practices that suit your lifestyle,
  • commit to your meditation goals,
  • guide you through a personalised meditation with each session, and
  • support you in your meditation journey.

Meditation has been shown to help:

  • manage and reduce stress and physical pain, leading to better health outcomes such lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke,
  • activate and deepen the relaxation response, leading to improved sleep and a deepened sense of peacefulness and calm, and
  • increase your capacity for creative and outside the box thinking, leading to improved work, lifestyle and relationship choices, and decision making.

Sessions can be held one on one or as a group, all sessions are online so are accessible from wherever you are, and in the comfort of your own personal space.