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Did you know, that even after 17 yrs as a Reiki practitioner I still get Reiki treatments for myself? Even as a Master Teacher who is perfectly able to do self Reiki, as well having a regular Reiki practice I still get regular Reiki.
What?! I here you say, how can that be?
Well, its a bit like stretching and massage.
You see, just as I can regularly stretch each day, through yoga or other stretching exercises, to keep my physical body limber and fluid. Sometimes I might have a stumble, make a mistake in moving, or do exercise that stretches me beyond my normal physical limits.
This causes stress, discomfort and pain in my body that needs intervention beyond my daily stretching. So, I organise a massage or other therapy to help me through the pain to healing.
Now, if I’m a massage therapist or may be a physiotherapist I could do this work on myself, but as we all know doing a massage on yourself, while often effective for the small aches and pains, is just not the same as when someone does it for us. So, we seek help elsewhere. This external assistance also helps us to get an objective opinion from another about what is causing our pain, and helps fulfill our emotional need for comfort and care.
Reiki is the same, as a master practitioner I have a regular energetic practice, including self Reiki, that keeps me humming along nicely and which supports me through much of the lumps and bumps of life.
However, when life stress builds (as it can so easily do) or I get confronted with a big challenging life event, I return to the gentle and powerful support of a Reiki treatment.
Reiki helps me to shift my energy into balance, moves me into ease and flow, and provides me access to the wisdom of my inner heart knowledge to help me move through whatever it is I am experiencing.
Physical pain is lessened, stress is reduced, emotional pain is moved through, and the mental fog is cleared. My energy resonates with these positive changes and my life, while still serving up challenges, is flowing and moving more easily, and guiding me to resolutions and outside supports that I may need.
So, if your life is not flowing with ease, if you are facing life challenges that are leaving you feeling, stressed, anxious, depressed or in grief, think about how you might benefit from a Reiki appointment to help you move in harmony with life again.
Remember, it’s easy to book an appointment with me through my online booking portal here,  and I would love to sit with you awhile under, The Wilga Tree.

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