Loneliness in the Awakening Journey

healing loneliness spiritual Sep 13, 2021

One of the things I often hear from clients is, ‘all my family and friends think I’m crazy and I feel so alone’. I have felt this myself and I know many others who have also felt this way.

When we start a healing or awakening journey it leads us to see, feel and experience the world differently. This difference can lead to disconnection, discord and even conflict with those close to us, as they attempt to bring us back to behaviours, thought patterns and ways of being that previously served their relationship with us.

At such a time we either conform back into patterns and behaviours that our friends and family feel more comfortable with and attempt to go back to the 'way it was before', or we start to release our hold on relationships and behaviours that no longer resonate with our current experience, and step further out into this new journey.

When this happens, we can feel very alone, scared and isolated. It is at this time helpful to open up to allowing others who do resonate with us into our lives. This can be scary as it requires trust and often pushing ourselves outside of our places of safety and security into spaces where we can feel unsure and out of our depth.

Finding safe spaces and people that support and grow us in our journey are important, building new relationships or changing the dynamics of old ones takes time, persistence and patience. Be gentle with yourself during this time and seek services, opportunities and people who serve your ongoing healing, health and well being.

At The Wilga Tree, I offer services that may support yourself or a loved one as part of this amazing heart centred awakening journey. But there are also many other local services, groups and events that may serve to assist your journey. To help others find out what is available in the Illawarra I founded the Illawarra Wellbeing & Conscious Living Directory If you are a seeker please click through and like Facebook the page, if you are a practitioner of services please feel free to post your services, events and groups anytime.

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