15 Ways to Change the World

change ecology environment Sep 13, 2021
  1. Make conscious decisions each day about; where you are going to travel and how you are going to get there. Can you walk instead, catch public transport or achieve several tasks with one car trip?
  2. Where possible grow your own food or buy from local farm sources through markets or local produce stores.
  3. Review your energy providers, if you can afford to buy green energy Powershop and Enova Energy are two such options
  4. Save water, even when not in a drought we in Australia live on the driest continent on earth, keep up those water-saving practices even when not on water restrictions
  5. Live slow. COVID 19 has shown us the benefits of slowing down our pace of living, working from home, spending more conscious time alone or with beloved family or friends and doing things online.
  6. Do the healing work. ‘Think you're enlightened, spend a week with your family’ Ram Das. Most of us now understand what this truly means. Our relationship with our family is the portal to our own healing and heart awakening. This doesn’t mean all can or should be sunshine and roses, but it does mean when we can find peace with our past we can move forward into a healthier future.
  7. Embrace local as well as global. COVID 19 has reintroduced us to a new depth of both the global community via online communication and connection, as well as reconnecting us with our neighbours just next door and in our local streets.
  8. Use social media consciously and with meaning. Respect, kindness and compassion need to lead our interactions and behaviours online. If your first desire is to emotionally react rather than respond; stop, wait, and process before you hit enter on that Facebook post or Twitter tweet.
  9. Be aware of how you are being manipulated. Whether it be the media, politicians or marketing, we are all being subtly manipulated to think and behaviour a certain way. This may not always be malicious, but it will more than likely be less about your welfare and more about someone else’s gain.
  10. Make your own decisions. Make your own assessment through research and honest consultation with your heart, then decide what is right for you and your family. But also take into account that what you do may affect others around you, and not always in a positive way.
  11. Lead from the heart. Unless your heart feels open, don’t proceed. It may not mean that what you want or need to do is wrong, simply that there is another way. We have been trained to see everything in duality, black or white, right or wrong. Take time to find the third way, the grey in between the black and white.
  12. Take time in the liminal, the spaces between things. Rest, review, reassess before proceeding.
  13. Hug often and long. Non-sexual physical contact such as hugging has a positive chemical reaction in the brain that impacts our whole system for improved health.
  14. Meditate. In your own way, in your own time, at your own pace. But do it.
  15. Be grateful…for everything. It doesn’t have to feel nice or good, but once we acknowledge our reality and be grateful for what is, we release our suffering over what is occurring. Also being grateful for the beauty and love around us opens up the space for more to arrive.

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