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Hi, I'm Louise Croker

Founder of The Wilga Tree


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I am a healer, author, teacher, community worker and mother. 
I started The Wilga Tree in 2011 where I utilise the practice of Reiki, my years working in the community services industry and my own spiritual and healing experiences to support others to connect with and reclaim their own truest self.  
I am a Reiki Master and treatment practitioner, and having practiced Reiki and its healing modality since 2002, I am also an established Reiki Teacher.  
My practice includes over 25 years of meditation and spiritual exploration, throughout which I have committed to my own inner heart work and personal growth, always seeking to bring the esoteric into practical life.
In 2019 I self published the first My Moon Journal, an annual journal based exclusively on the Lunar Year. The My Moon Journal challenges us to live outside the solar rhythms of our daily calendar and instead play in the light and changing faces of the moon's soul energy.  
My approach to conscious awakening, spiritual enlightenment, has always been to walk my talk, and while still far from perfected, I continue to work to connect the dots between my healing and spiritual experience and everyday life.


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