Dancing with trees

It was windy today, the kind of wind where the air is warm, the wind just a degree cooler, the air feels electric and the potentiality for change is charged into every molecule. The kind of wind that you can say yes to and believe that you have been heard. That the universe is saying yes right back.

I love these winds, in them I feel alive

Today in this wind, I sent my energy roots into the earth reaching out to the majestic trees around me. I felt them too rejoicing in the wind. My eyes captured their dance; twisting and swaying, while my energy body felt their delight. It was real and magic, grounded and heightened. It was bliss.

Do you dance when the wind blows? Sometimes, soft and gentle, a cool breeze on a hot day, a slow dance allowing caresses and kisses. Other times, a tempest on a winters nights, challenging and fearsome, a dance of rage and fear, wild and free.

Do you dance with the wind like the trees, twisting and bending?

Mostly I like to dance, to breathe in the new.

Sometimes I am flexible and fluid, bending and turning, grounded in my truth but open to the changing winds. Other times I am hard and inflexible, and like the trees whose branches have become too brittle or roots to shallow, I break. And in that breaking I can rejoice, that as from the broken branch new life will grow regardless from the wounded and broken parts.









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